Monday, March 5, 2012

Large Sunny Border

Back of the Border

Pieris japonica 'Valley Valentine' x 2

Chamaecyparis 'Blue Gem' x3

An upright shrub with a rounded top. The fluffy foliage is a bright blue colour.

Crocosmia 'Lucifer x2

Anemone japonica x2

Phlomis fruticosa x2

Phlomis is a beautiful perennial with subtle yellow flowers and neat green leaves. 

Phormium 'Pink Stripe' x2

Shasta daisy x2

Perovskia atriplicifolia x2

Delpinium x2

Lupine x2

Physostegia virginiana vareigated x2

Middle of the Border A

Papaver oriental ' Allegro' x4

Hemerocallis , Daylily x4

Achillea, Pink Yarrow x4

Sedum 'Autumn Joy' x4

Rhododendron dwarf blue x4

Middle of the Border B

Rhododendron dwarf red x3

Echinacea 'Double Delight x3

Monarda 'Raspberry Wine' x3

Aster blue x3

Azalea evergreen purple x3

Podocarpus x3

Front of Border A

Veronica spicata 'Pink Spires' x4

Cistus 'Mickie' x4

Platycodon grandiforus, Ballon flower blue x4

Geum red x4

Rosmary Wilma's Gold x4

Campanula 'Jelly Bells" x4

Dianthus x4

Front of Border B

Liatris purple x3

Yarrow ptarmica x3

Coreopsis 'Moonbeam'

Salvia 'Maynight' x3

Erica x3

Armeria thrift x3

Deer proof 1' strip outside fence 

Erica asst x 5

Dianthus x5

Lamium x5

Artemisia x5

Bergenia 'Winterglut' x5

Aubretia purple x5

Veronica 'Georgia Blue' x5

Sempervirvum asst x5

Campanula x5

Yarrow ptarmica x5

Dianthus x5

Sedum repestre 'Angelina' x5

Bed Layout for 30' to be repeated for 70'

Plant List

1) Pieris japonica Valley Valentine #2      $19.99 x2
2) Chaemacyparis Blue Gem #2               $29.99 x2

3)Crocosmia Lucifer #1       x2 ea             $6.50 x 18
4)Shasta Daisy #1
5)Pervoskia-Russian Sage #1
6)Phlomis #1
7) Physostegia Obediant plant #1
8) Delphinium#1
9)Yarrow #1
10)Anemone japonica #1
11)Phormium Pink Stripe #2

12)Poppy #1                   x4ea                 $6.50 x8
13)Sedum Autumn Joy #1                         
14)Dwarf Rhodo #2                                 $16.99 x4
15)Lupine  #1                                         $6.50 x4
16)Daylily #1                                          $5.00 x4

17) Dwarf Conifer Podocarpus#1 x3 ea        $9.50 x3
18)Echinacea Double delight #1                 $7.00 x3
19)Aster#1                                             $5.00 x3
20)Azalea #1                                          $9.50 x3
21)Monarda Bee Balm #1                          $6.50 x3

22)Veronica#1          x4ea                         $6.50x16
24) Cistus Mickie#1 
25) Balloon Flower#1
28) Yellow Rosemary 8"                             $8.50 x4
29)Campanula -Jelly Bells    4"                   $3.50x4 

30) Liatris#1            x3ea                         $6.50 x18
31)Yarrow the Pearl#1
35) Armeria -Thrift #1

37)Heather#1    x5ea                                  $3.00 x45
38) Dianthus                                              $6.50 x15
42)Bergenia #1
43) Aubretia
44)Veronica Georgia Blue
46)Sedum Angelina
47)Sempirvivum Hens And Chick asst
48)Heather#1                                        total plants $996.50
                                                                     hst   $119.58

                                               total     $ 1266.08

not including landscape fabric or fertilizer and ammendments

$50.00 for sea soil with bonemeal and trace elements added

sea soil  $35
fritted trace $6
bone meal $10 

run through soil mixer to fill garbage can

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